October: points winner Andrejs Liepins  90     Year to October : points winner Melinda Kelf  790     Kakadu: Nov 2022  Winner: Tony Walker Runner Up: Greg Ash   Freycinet: Winner: Simon Ustick Runner Up: Melinda Kelf


Freycinet is a double elimination tournament. The winner of the 1-Loss will play the winner of the Main bracket in a best-of-2 series with a 1 match advantage for the winner of the Main bracket. All matches are 9 points in length. Assignments are random.

Latest Winners

Event Winner Runner Up
Nov 202 Melinda Kelf
Oct 202 Cindy Belonogoff
Sep 202 Melinda Kelf
Aug 202 Andrejs Liepins
Jul 202 Cindy Belonogoff
Jun 202 Andrejs Liepins
May 202 Greg Ash
Apr 202 Cindy Belonogoff
Mar 202 Melinda Kelf
Feb 202 Kevin Jessup
Jan 202 Kevin Jessup
Dec 202 Melinda Kelf