March: points winner Mrfunnybunny  395     Year to March : points winner Mrfunnybunny  1061     Quantum Leap: Mar 2024  Winner: Mrfunnybunny Runner Up: Kanaya   Galaxy: Feb 2024  Winner: jjjjone Runner Up: LESTER Jan 2024  Consolation Winner: cindybel Runner Up: BRs_AnaClaudia   Matterhorn: Nov 2023  Winner: Gladiat0r   142   Runner Up: Seqkat   129   Third: TonyH   128   Fourth: stroggs   127     Saturday Night Gammon: Jan 2024  Playoffs Winner: sturner Runner Up: EU_AT_Wolfman Feb 2024  Third: littlebeaver   Drizzle's LOC: Jan 2024  Playoffs Winner: pencentric_exec Runner Up: hsook   Patriot Games: Feb 2024  Winner: OMID Runner Up: KrowatzZ Jan 2024  Consolation Winner: _1_lil_redhd Runner Up: jdg_   Warp 10: Nov 2023  Playoffs Winner: Kanaya Runner Up: Gladiat0r Third: jjjjone   Esprit Teams: Apr 2023  Stage II Winner: The Jokers Runner Up: Fantastic Five Third: Pure Play Consolation Winner: Dice Infinity Runner Up:   Excalibur: Dec 2023  Winner: GloryDays Runner Up: skrat Nov 2021  1-Loss Winner: skrat Dec 2023  Runner Up: TonyH   Last Man Standing: April 2022  Winner: Risky Business Runner Up: The Jokers


All matches are 11pts. Please do NOT start until you receive notification and matches are shown in your Pending Matches table.

Match winners will be highlighted with a light green background. Home assignments are shown in purple.

XG output To submit a match to be linked to XG output, email Cindy and attach the dicelog.
In the subject line put the player names as player1_player2_Esprit

  ABL Boxing Kangaroos

Anchors Away
baa_gammonqueen Big_B
eu_it_fabry74 Big_B FW
eu_it_fabry74 cindybel
Exotic2 thejman
leibo52 Burnieboy
Sasha cindybel
Brazilian Warriors
BRA__Valderi Burnieboy
BRs_Lu1_ thejman
BRs_Luiz_RS ueyustick
EU_IT_Eugenio thejman
Fantastic Five
jdg_ Burnieboy
jdg_ Burnieboy
jjjjone thejman
Mrfunnybunny cindybel
sturner Big_B
sturner thejman
High Flyers
brspunky Burnieboy
Caveira cindybel
Caveira ueyustick
crashholly66 ueyustick
EU_IT_kornak cindybel
Genda Burnieboy
Magnum Force
andypalumbo1 Big_B
Kanaya Burnieboy
Kanaya cindybel
LDC_John1956 thejman
Lulu2 thejman
Skeeves_Revenge ueyustick
PROs4Neal 1
PRO_casey23 Big_B
PRO_Ghost Big_B
PRO_Ghost cindybel
PRO_RETS thejman
PRO_Ronald Burnieboy
PRO_Steve thejman
PROs4Neal 2
PRO_Flace Big_B
PRO_Luis cindybel
PRO_Luis thejman
PRO_RUMBLE ueyustick FW
PRO_TECTION ueyustick
PRO_vocateur Big_B
PROs4Neal 3
PRO_Blueyewoman cindybel
PRO_Clumpy Big_B
PRO_GoBigRed ueyustick FW
PRO_Jaguar Burnieboy
PRO_Jaguar cindybel
PRO_VBL thejman
Risky Business
EU_IT_Juventus ueyustick
hockeyfan Burnieboy
MacWin Big_B
MacWin ueyustick
SixPack Burnieboy
SixPack thejman
The Jokers
GloryDays ueyustick
LarryG Burnieboy
LarryG cindybel
LarryG ueyustick
pencentric_exec cindybel
skrat Big_B

26 Wins /29 Losses - 0 Unplayed

Big_B6/4 - 0Burnieboy7/5 - 0cindybel(C)4/8 - 0thejman6/6 - 0ueyustick3/6 - 0

  Anchors Away

ABL Boxing Kangaroos
Big_B baa_gammonqueen
Big_B eu_it_fabry74 FW
Burnieboy leibo52
cindybel eu_it_fabry74
cindybel Sasha
thejman Exotic2
Brazilian Warriors
BRA__Valderi eu_it_fabry74
BRA__Valderi leibo52
Brs_Santana_SP leibo52
EU_IT_Eugenio Sasha
Fantastic Five
_funnybunnygrl_ baa_gammonqueen
jjjjone Exotic2
Mrfunnybunny eu_it_fabry74
Mrfunnybunny eu_it_fabry74
Mrfunnybunny leibo52
sturner leibo52
High Flyers
brspunky Sasha
brspunky Sasha
crashholly66 baa_gammonqueen
EU_IT_kornak baa_gammonqueen
EU_IT_kornak eu_it_fabry74 FW
Genda Exotic2
Magnum Force
andypalumbo1 Exotic2
LDC_John1956 leibo52
Lulu2 baa_gammonqueen
pure_dice eu_it_fabry74
pure_dice Sasha
Skeeves_Revenge leibo52
PROs4Neal 1
PRO_casey23 baa_gammonqueen
PRO_casey23 leibo52
PRO_RETS eu_it_fabry74
PRO_Ronald baa_gammonqueen
PRO_Ronald Exotic2
PRO_Steve Exotic2
PROs4Neal 2
PRO_Flace leibo52
PRO_TECTION baa_gammonqueen
PRO_TON baa_gammonqueen
PRO_TON Exotic2
PRO_vocateur leibo52
PROs4Neal 3
PRO_Blueyewoman eu_it_fabry74 FW
PRO_GoBigRed baa_gammonqueen
PRO_GoBigRed Exotic2
PRO_Jaguar Exotic2
RISING leibo52
Risky Business
bor742 Sasha
hockeyfan baa_gammonqueen
hockeyfan eu_it_fabry74
hockeyfan Sasha
PRO_Bdlerybrwn eu_it_fabry74
SixPack Exotic2
The Jokers
fortdonaldson Exotic2
HumanFactor eu_it_fabry74
HumanFactor Exotic2
HumanFactor Sasha
LarryG leibo52
pencentric_exec Sasha

15 Wins /40 Losses - 0 Unplayed

baa_gammonqueen2/9 - 0eu_it_fabry742/7 - 0Exotic23/9 - 0leibo527/5 - 0Sasha1/10 - 0
cindybel(A)0/0 - 0

  Brazilian Warriors

ABL Boxing Kangaroos
Burnieboy BRA__Valderi
thejman BRs_Lu1_
thejman EU_IT_Eugenio
ueyustick BRs_Luiz_RS
Anchors Away
eu_it_fabry74 BRA__Valderi
leibo52 BRA__Valderi
leibo52 Brs_Santana_SP
Sasha EU_IT_Eugenio
Fantastic Five
jdg_ BRA__Valderi
jdg_ BRs_Ricardinho
Mrfunnybunny BRs_Ricardinho
sturner BRs_Luiz_RS
High Flyers
Caveira BRs_Lu1_
Caveira Brs_Santana_SP
EU_IT_kornak Brs_Santana_SP FW
Genda EU_IT_Eugenio
Magnum Force
andypalumbo1 BRA__Valderi
Kanaya BRA__Valderi
Lulu2 BRs_Lu1_
Skeeves_Revenge BRs_Luiz_RS
PROs4Neal 1
PRO_Ghost BRA__Valderi
PRO_Ghost BRs_Lu1_
PRO_Ronald BRs_Luiz_RS
PRO_Steve EU_IT_Eugenio
PROs4Neal 2
PRO_Flace BRA__Valderi
PRO_Luis BRA__Valderi
PRO_vocateur BRs_Lu1_
PROs4Neal 3
PRO_GoBigRed BRs_Lu1_
PRO_Jaguar BRs_Ricardinho
PRO_Jaguar Brs_Santana_SP
Risky Business
EU_IT_Juventus BRA__Valderi
MacWin BRs_Ricardinho
SixPack BRs_Lu1_
SixPack BRs_Luiz_RS
The Jokers
GloryDays BRs_Ricardinho
HumanFactor BRs_Lu1_
pencentric_exec BRs_Lu1_
skrat EU_IT_Eugenio

13 Wins /26 Losses - 0 Unplayed

BRA__Valderi(C)5/5 - 0BRs_Lu1_0/10 - 0BRs_Luiz_RS3/2 - 0BRs_Ricardinho2/3 - 0Brs_Santana_SP2/2 - 0
EU_IT_Eugenio1/4 - 0

  Fantastic Five

ABL Boxing Kangaroos
Big_B sturner
Burnieboy jdg_
Burnieboy jdg_
cindybel Mrfunnybunny
thejman jjjjone
thejman sturner
Anchors Away
baa_gammonqueen _funnybunnygrl_
eu_it_fabry74 Mrfunnybunny
eu_it_fabry74 Mrfunnybunny
Exotic2 jjjjone
leibo52 Mrfunnybunny
leibo52 sturner
Brazilian Warriors
BRA__Valderi jdg_
BRs_Luiz_RS sturner
BRs_Ricardinho jdg_
BRs_Ricardinho Mrfunnybunny
High Flyers
brspunky _funnybunnygrl_
brspunky jjjjone
Caveira jdg_
Caveira sturner
EU_IT_kornak jdg_
Genda jjjjone
Magnum Force
andypalumbo1 jjjjone
LDC_John1956 Mrfunnybunny
Lulu2 jjjjone
pure_dice jdg_
pure_dice sturner
Skeeves_Revenge Mrfunnybunny
PROs4Neal 1
PRO_casey23 jdg_
PRO_casey23 sturner
PRO_Ghost jdg_
PRO_Ghost Mrfunnybunny
PRO_Ronald sturner
PRO_Steve sturner
PROs4Neal 2
PRO_Flace Mrfunnybunny
PRO_RUMBLE jjjjone
PRO_TON jjjjone
PRO_TON Mrfunnybunny
PRO_vocateur Mrfunnybunny
PROs4Neal 3
PRO_Blueyewoman _funnybunnygrl_
PRO_Blueyewoman _funnybunnygrl_
PRO_GoBigRed jjjjone
PRO_Jaguar sturner
RISING jjjjone
RISING Mrfunnybunny
Risky Business
bor742 jjjjone
bor742 sturner
EU_IT_Juventus Mrfunnybunny
EU_IT_Juventus sturner
MacWin jdg_
PRO_Bdlerybrwn jdg_
The Jokers
fortdonaldson sturner
GloryDays Mrfunnybunny
NeilKaz jdg_
NeilKaz jjjjone
NeilKaz sturner
pencentric_exec sturner

35 Wins /23 Losses - 0 Unplayed

_funnybunnygrl_(C)3/1 - 0jdg_6/6 - 0jjjjone7/6 - 0Mrfunnybunny11/3 - 0sturner8/7 - 0
Atog0/0 - 0

  High Flyers

ABL Boxing Kangaroos
Burnieboy brspunky
Burnieboy Genda
cindybel Caveira
cindybel EU_IT_kornak
ueyustick Caveira
ueyustick crashholly66
Anchors Away
baa_gammonqueen crashholly66
baa_gammonqueen EU_IT_kornak
eu_it_fabry74 EU_IT_kornak FW
Exotic2 Genda
Sasha brspunky
Sasha brspunky
Brazilian Warriors
BRs_Lu1_ Caveira
Brs_Santana_SP Caveira
Brs_Santana_SP EU_IT_kornak FW
EU_IT_Eugenio Genda
Fantastic Five
_funnybunnygrl_ brspunky
jdg_ Caveira
jdg_ EU_IT_kornak
jjjjone brspunky
jjjjone Genda
sturner Caveira
Magnum Force
andypalumbo1 brspunky
Kanaya Caveira
Kanaya crashholly66
LDC_John1956 EU_IT_kornak
Lulu2 EU_IT_kornak
Skeeves_Revenge Genda
PROs4Neal 1
PRO_casey23 brspunky
PRO_RETS brspunky
PRO_RETS Caveira
PRO_Ronald crashholly66
PRO_Steve crashholly66
PRO_Steve EU_IT_kornak
PROs4Neal 2
PRO_Flace brspunky
PRO_Luis crashholly66
PRO_Luis EU_IT_kornak
PRO_vocateur brspunky
PROs4Neal 3
PRO_Blueyewoman brspunky
PRO_Clumpy Caveira
PRO_GoBigRed crashholly66
PRO_VBL crashholly66
PRO_VBL EU_IT_kornak
Risky Business
DimDragon Caveira FW
DimDragon crashholly66
DimDragon Genda
MacWin brspunky
PRO_Bdlerybrwn Genda
SixPack Caveira
The Jokers
fortdonaldson Caveira
fortdonaldson crashholly66
fortdonaldson Genda
GloryDays crashholly66
skrat EU_IT_kornak
skrat Genda

26 Wins /28 Losses - 0 Unplayed

brspunky5/7 - 0Caveira4/7 - 0crashholly665/6 - 0EU_IT_kornak6/3 - 0Genda6/5 - 0
cindybel(A)0/0 - 0

  Magnum Force

ABL Boxing Kangaroos
Big_B andypalumbo1
Burnieboy Kanaya
cindybel Kanaya
thejman LDC_John1956
thejman Lulu2
ueyustick Skeeves_Revenge
Anchors Away
baa_gammonqueen Lulu2
eu_it_fabry74 pure_dice
Exotic2 andypalumbo1
leibo52 LDC_John1956
leibo52 Skeeves_Revenge
Sasha pure_dice
Brazilian Warriors
BRA__Valderi andypalumbo1
BRA__Valderi Kanaya
BRs_Lu1_ Lulu2
BRs_Luiz_RS Skeeves_Revenge
Fantastic Five
jdg_ pure_dice
jjjjone andypalumbo1
jjjjone Lulu2
Mrfunnybunny LDC_John1956
Mrfunnybunny Skeeves_Revenge
sturner pure_dice
High Flyers
brspunky andypalumbo1
Caveira Kanaya
crashholly66 Kanaya
EU_IT_kornak LDC_John1956
EU_IT_kornak Lulu2
Genda Skeeves_Revenge
PROs4Neal 1
PRO_casey23 andypalumbo1
PRO_casey23 Lulu2
PRO_Ghost LDC_John1956
PRO_Ghost pure_dice
PRO_RETS pure_dice
PRO_Ronald Skeeves_Revenge
PROs4Neal 2
PRO_Flace andypalumbo1
PRO_TECTION andypalumbo1
PRO_TON LDC_John1956
PRO_TON LDC_John1956
PRO_vocateur pure_dice
PROs4Neal 3
PRO_Blueyewoman LDC_John1956
PRO_Blueyewoman Lulu2
PRO_GoBigRed andypalumbo1
RISING pure_dice
RISING pure_dice
RISING Skeeves_Revenge
Risky Business
bor742 andypalumbo1
EU_IT_Juventus Kanaya
hockeyfan Lulu2
PRO_Bdlerybrwn Kanaya
PRO_Bdlerybrwn LDC_John1956
SixPack Skeeves_Revenge
The Jokers
fortdonaldson Lulu2
GloryDays pure_dice
pencentric_exec Skeeves_Revenge
skrat Kanaya
skrat Lulu2
skrat Skeeves_Revenge

33 Wins /25 Losses - 0 Unplayed

andypalumbo17/3 - 0Kanaya5/4 - 0LDC_John19566/3 - 0Lulu2(C)5/5 - 0pure_dice5/5 - 0
Skeeves_Revenge5/5 - 0cindybel(A)0/0 - 0

  PROs4Neal 1

ABL Boxing Kangaroos
Big_B PRO_casey23
Big_B PRO_Ghost
Burnieboy PRO_Ronald
cindybel PRO_Ghost
thejman PRO_RETS
thejman PRO_Steve
Anchors Away
baa_gammonqueen PRO_casey23
baa_gammonqueen PRO_Ronald
eu_it_fabry74 PRO_RETS
Exotic2 PRO_Ronald
Exotic2 PRO_Steve
leibo52 PRO_casey23
Brazilian Warriors
BRA__Valderi PRO_Ghost
BRs_Lu1_ PRO_Ghost
BRs_Luiz_RS PRO_Ronald
EU_IT_Eugenio PRO_Steve
Fantastic Five
jdg_ PRO_casey23
jdg_ PRO_Ghost
Mrfunnybunny PRO_Ghost
sturner PRO_casey23
sturner PRO_Ronald
sturner PRO_Steve
High Flyers
brspunky PRO_casey23
brspunky PRO_RETS
Caveira PRO_RETS
crashholly66 PRO_Ronald
crashholly66 PRO_Steve
EU_IT_kornak PRO_Steve
Magnum Force
andypalumbo1 PRO_casey23
LDC_John1956 PRO_Ghost
Lulu2 PRO_casey23
pure_dice PRO_Ghost
pure_dice PRO_RETS
Skeeves_Revenge PRO_Ronald
PROs4Neal 2
PRO_Flace PRO_casey23
PRO_Flace PRO_Ronald
PRO_TON PRO_casey23
PROs4Neal 3
PRO_Blueyewoman PRO_Ghost
PRO_Blueyewoman PRO_RETS
PRO_Jaguar PRO_casey23
Risky Business
bor742 PRO_Steve
hockeyfan PRO_casey23
MacWin PRO_Steve
PRO_Bdlerybrwn PRO_Ghost
PRO_Bdlerybrwn PRO_RETS
SixPack PRO_Ghost
The Jokers
fortdonaldson PRO_RETS
HumanFactor PRO_Ghost NR
HumanFactor PRO_RETS
HumanFactor PRO_Steve FW
LarryG PRO_Ronald
pencentric_exec PRO_Steve

28 Wins /26 Losses - 0 Unplayed

PRO_casey23(C)3/9 - 0PRO_Ghost6/5 - 0PRO_RETS5/6 - 0PRO_Ronald7/3 - 0PRO_Steve7/3 - 0
cindybel(A)0/0 - 0

  PROs4Neal 2

ABL Boxing Kangaroos
Big_B PRO_Flace
Big_B PRO_vocateur
cindybel PRO_Luis
thejman PRO_Luis
ueyustick PRO_RUMBLE FW
ueyustick PRO_TECTION
Anchors Away
baa_gammonqueen PRO_TECTION
baa_gammonqueen PRO_TON
Exotic2 PRO_TON
leibo52 PRO_Flace
leibo52 PRO_vocateur
Brazilian Warriors
BRA__Valderi PRO_Flace
BRA__Valderi PRO_Luis
BRs_Lu1_ PRO_vocateur
Fantastic Five
jjjjone PRO_RUMBLE
jjjjone PRO_TON
Mrfunnybunny PRO_Flace
Mrfunnybunny PRO_TON
Mrfunnybunny PRO_vocateur
High Flyers
brspunky PRO_Flace
brspunky PRO_vocateur
crashholly66 PRO_Luis
EU_IT_kornak PRO_Luis
Magnum Force
andypalumbo1 PRO_Flace
andypalumbo1 PRO_TECTION
LDC_John1956 PRO_TON
LDC_John1956 PRO_TON
pure_dice PRO_vocateur
PROs4Neal 1
PRO_casey23 PRO_Flace
PRO_casey23 PRO_TON
PRO_Ronald PRO_Flace
PROs4Neal 3
PRO_Blueyewoman PRO_RUMBLE
PRO_Clumpy PRO_Flace
RISING PRO_vocateur
Risky Business
bor742 PRO_vocateur
DimDragon PRO_Flace
hockeyfan PRO_Luis
MacWin PRO_Luis
The Jokers
fortdonaldson PRO_TECTION
GloryDays PRO_Luis
GloryDays PRO_vocateur
skrat PRO_vocateur

31 Wins /25 Losses - 0 Unplayed

PRO_Flace6/4 - 0PRO_Luis4/5 - 0PRO_RUMBLE3/4 - 0PRO_TECTION4/6 - 0PRO_TON7/3 - 0
PRO_vocateur7/3 - 0cindybel(A)0/0 - 0

  PROs4Neal 3

ABL Boxing Kangaroos
Big_B PRO_Clumpy
Burnieboy PRO_Jaguar
cindybel PRO_Blueyewoman
cindybel PRO_Jaguar
thejman PRO_VBL
ueyustick PRO_GoBigRed FW
Anchors Away
baa_gammonqueen PRO_GoBigRed
eu_it_fabry74 PRO_Blueyewoman FW
Exotic2 PRO_GoBigRed
Exotic2 PRO_Jaguar
leibo52 RISING
Brazilian Warriors
BRs_Lu1_ PRO_GoBigRed
BRs_Ricardinho PRO_Jaguar
Brs_Santana_SP PRO_Jaguar
Fantastic Five
_funnybunnygrl_ PRO_Blueyewoman
_funnybunnygrl_ PRO_Blueyewoman
jjjjone PRO_GoBigRed
jjjjone RISING
Mrfunnybunny RISING
sturner PRO_Jaguar
High Flyers
brspunky PRO_Blueyewoman
Caveira PRO_Clumpy
crashholly66 PRO_GoBigRed
crashholly66 PRO_VBL
EU_IT_kornak PRO_VBL
Magnum Force
andypalumbo1 PRO_GoBigRed
LDC_John1956 PRO_Blueyewoman
Lulu2 PRO_Blueyewoman
pure_dice RISING
pure_dice RISING
Skeeves_Revenge RISING
PROs4Neal 1
PRO_casey23 PRO_Jaguar
PRO_Ghost PRO_Blueyewoman
PRO_RETS PRO_Blueyewoman
PROs4Neal 2
PRO_Flace PRO_Clumpy
PRO_RUMBLE PRO_Blueyewoman
PRO_vocateur RISING
Risky Business
DimDragon PRO_GoBigRed
DimDragon PRO_Jaguar
EU_IT_Juventus PRO_Clumpy
hockeyfan PRO_Jaguar
hockeyfan PRO_VBL
The Jokers
fortdonaldson PRO_Blueyewoman
LarryG PRO_GoBigRed
pencentric_exec PRO_Clumpy
pencentric_exec PRO_Jaguar
pencentric_exec PRO_VBL
skrat PRO_Clumpy

20 Wins /34 Losses - 0 Unplayed

PRO_Blueyewoman(C)4/6 - 0PRO_Clumpy4/3 - 0PRO_GoBigRed4/6 - 0PRO_Jaguar1/9 - 0PRO_VBL3/5 - 0
RISING(CC)4/5 - 0PRO_Taylor_Ann0/0 - 0PRO_swil0/0 - 0PRO_Dragon0/0 - 0

  Risky Business

ABL Boxing Kangaroos
Big_B MacWin
Burnieboy hockeyfan
Burnieboy SixPack
thejman SixPack
ueyustick EU_IT_Juventus
ueyustick MacWin
Anchors Away
baa_gammonqueen hockeyfan
eu_it_fabry74 hockeyfan
eu_it_fabry74 PRO_Bdlerybrwn
Exotic2 SixPack
Sasha bor742
Sasha hockeyfan
Brazilian Warriors
BRA__Valderi EU_IT_Juventus
BRs_Lu1_ SixPack
BRs_Luiz_RS SixPack
BRs_Ricardinho MacWin
Fantastic Five
jdg_ MacWin
jdg_ PRO_Bdlerybrwn
jjjjone bor742
Mrfunnybunny EU_IT_Juventus
sturner bor742
sturner EU_IT_Juventus
High Flyers
brspunky MacWin
Caveira DimDragon FW
Caveira SixPack
crashholly66 DimDragon
Genda DimDragon
Genda PRO_Bdlerybrwn
Magnum Force
andypalumbo1 bor742
Kanaya EU_IT_Juventus
Kanaya PRO_Bdlerybrwn
LDC_John1956 PRO_Bdlerybrwn
Lulu2 hockeyfan
Skeeves_Revenge SixPack
PROs4Neal 1
PRO_casey23 hockeyfan
PRO_Ghost PRO_Bdlerybrwn
PRO_Ghost SixPack
PRO_RETS PRO_Bdlerybrwn
PRO_Steve bor742
PRO_Steve MacWin
PROs4Neal 2
PRO_Flace DimDragon
PRO_Luis hockeyfan
PRO_Luis MacWin
PRO_vocateur bor742
PROs4Neal 3
PRO_Clumpy EU_IT_Juventus
PRO_GoBigRed DimDragon
PRO_Jaguar DimDragon
PRO_Jaguar hockeyfan
PRO_VBL hockeyfan
The Jokers
GloryDays EU_IT_Juventus
LarryG bor742
NeilKaz DimDragon
NeilKaz MacWin
NeilKaz SixPack
skrat EU_IT_Juventus

38 Wins /19 Losses - 0 Unplayed

bor7426/1 - 0DimDragon5/2 - 0EU_IT_Juventus3/5 - 0hockeyfan7/2 - 0MacWin3/5 - 0
PRO_Bdlerybrwn7/1 - 0SixPack(CC)7/3 - 0Toody(A)0/0 - 0michy0/0 - 0

  The Jokers

ABL Boxing Kangaroos
Big_B skrat
Burnieboy LarryG
cindybel LarryG
cindybel pencentric_exec
ueyustick GloryDays
ueyustick LarryG
Anchors Away
eu_it_fabry74 HumanFactor
Exotic2 fortdonaldson
Exotic2 HumanFactor
leibo52 LarryG
Sasha HumanFactor
Sasha pencentric_exec
Brazilian Warriors
BRs_Lu1_ HumanFactor
BRs_Lu1_ pencentric_exec
BRs_Ricardinho GloryDays
EU_IT_Eugenio skrat
Fantastic Five
jdg_ NeilKaz
jjjjone NeilKaz
Mrfunnybunny GloryDays
sturner fortdonaldson
sturner NeilKaz
sturner pencentric_exec
High Flyers
Caveira fortdonaldson
crashholly66 fortdonaldson
crashholly66 GloryDays
EU_IT_kornak skrat
Genda fortdonaldson
Genda skrat
Magnum Force
Kanaya skrat
Lulu2 fortdonaldson
Lulu2 skrat
pure_dice GloryDays
Skeeves_Revenge pencentric_exec
Skeeves_Revenge skrat
PROs4Neal 1
PRO_Ghost HumanFactor NR
PRO_RETS fortdonaldson
PRO_RETS HumanFactor
PRO_Ronald LarryG
PRO_Steve HumanFactor FW
PRO_Steve pencentric_exec
PROs4Neal 2
PRO_Luis GloryDays
PRO_TECTION fortdonaldson
PRO_vocateur GloryDays
PRO_vocateur skrat
PROs4Neal 3
PRO_Blueyewoman fortdonaldson
PRO_Clumpy pencentric_exec
PRO_Clumpy skrat
PRO_GoBigRed LarryG
PRO_Jaguar pencentric_exec
PRO_VBL pencentric_exec
Risky Business
bor742 LarryG
DimDragon NeilKaz
EU_IT_Juventus GloryDays
EU_IT_Juventus skrat
MacWin NeilKaz
SixPack NeilKaz

33 Wins /23 Losses - 0 Unplayed

fortdonaldson7/2 - 0GloryDays5/4 - 0HumanFactor4/1 - 0LarryG1/7 - 0NeilKaz4/2 - 0
pencentric_exec5/4 - 0skrat(C)7/3 - 0

           Match Summary

Wins Losses Unplayed No Result Forfeit Wins Forfeit Losses Total Score
Risky Business 38 19 0 0 1 0 44.3
Fantastic Five 35 23 0 0 0 0 41.9
The Jokers 33 23 0 1 1 0 40.8
Magnum Force 33 25 0 0 0 0 40.5
PROs4Neal 2 31 25 0 0 2 0 39.7
PROs4Neal 1 28 26 0 1 0 3 36.1
ABL Boxing Kangaroos 26 29 0 0 1 2 35.3
High Flyers 26 28 0 0 0 4 34.4
PROs4Neal 3 20 34 0 0 4 0 32.6
Anchors Away 15 40 0 0 1 2 27.6
Brazilian Warriors 13 26 0 0 1 0 21.4
1 0.3 0.3 0.6 0

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