February: points winner _funnybunnygrl_  317     Year to February : points winner EU_AT_Wolfman  611     Quantum Leap: Feb 2021  Winner: _funnybunnygrl_ Runner Up: PRO_Flace   Galaxy: Dec 2020  Winner: Kanaya Runner Up: jjjjone Consolation Winner: sturner Runner Up: EU_AT_Wolfman   Matterhorn: Oct 2020  Winner: Gladiat0r   158   Runner Up: _funnybunnygrl_   136   Third: sturner   132   Fourth: Kanaya   130     Saturday Night Gammon: Jan 2021  Playoffs Winner: KdoubleK Runner Up: jjjjone Third: EU_AT_Wolfman   Drizzle's LOC: Dec 2020  Playoffs Winner: _funnybunnygrl_ Runner Up: sturner   Patriot Games: Aug 2020  Winner: _funnybunnygrl_ Runner Up: stroggs Jul 2020  Consolation Winner: Gladiat0r Runner Up: spetefire   Warp 10: Nov 2020  Playoffs Winner: sturner Runner Up: jdg_ Third: skrat   Esprit Teams: Apr 2019  Stage II Winner: The Jokers Runner Up: PROs4Neal 1 Third: Magnum Force Consolation Winner: Fantastic Five Runner Up: Risky Business   Excalibur: Dec 2019  Winner: skrat Runner Up: GloryDays 1-Loss Winner: Mrfunnybunny   Last Man Standing: Apr 2019  Winner: Fantastic Five Runner Up: PROs4Neal 3

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In the subject line put the player names as player1_player2_Galaxy

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundFourth RoundSweet SixteenQuarter FinalSemi FinalFinal
7 Pts 7 Pts 7 Pts 7 Pts 7 Pts 7 Pts 7 Pts 9 Pts
bye (WB)zeegee (WB)zeegeeBRA__Valderiandypalumbo1HaRD4UHaRD4UHaRD4U
bye (WB)byeandypalumbo1andypalumbo1skratandypalumbo1PRO_RISINGGloryDays
Zla_ (WB)andypalumbo1 (FW)KdoubleKBurnieboyChunyPRO_RISINGGloryDays 
bye (WB)KdoubleK (WB)Darling_Mavenskrat (FW)FasttitsGloryDays   
bye (WB)byePRO_BlueyewomanKdoubleKBurnieboyGenda   
bye (WB)RebelRebel (WB)cindybelPRO_RISINGleibo52Mrfunnybunny   
bye (WB)byeLItigolferDarling_MavenGendasturner   
bye (WB)Darling_Maven (WB)PRO_StevePRO_FlacePalimpsest     
bye (WB)byecrashholly66eu_it_fabry74 (FW)Mrfunnybunny     
PRO_Blueyewoman (WB)PRO_VBLbaa_gammonqueenleibo52sturner (FW)     
bye (WB)cindybel (WB)Black_HeartBRs_Luiz_RS       
bye (WB)byeEU_AT_WolfmanGenda       
bye (WB)LItigolfer (WB)CaveiraMrfunnybunny       
bye (WB)byeeu_it_fabry74 (FW)EU_AT_Wolfman       
bye (WB)PRO_Steve (WB)           
bye (WB)bye           
Lulu2 (WB)crashholly66           
bye (WB)baa_gammonqueen (WB)           
bye (WB)bye           
bye (WB)Genda (WB)           
bye (WB)bye           
bye (WB)Black_Heart (WB)           
bye (WB)bye           
thejman (WB)EU_AT_Wolfman           
bye (WB)Caveira (WB)           
bye (WB)bye           
bye (WB)eu_it_fabry74 (WB)           
bye (WB)bye           

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