January: points winner Mrfunnybunny  424     Year to January : points winner Mrfunnybunny  424     Quantum Leap: Jan 2020  Winner: Cazlander Runner Up: BRs_Ricardinho   Galaxy: Dec 2019  Winner: Mrfunnybunny Runner Up: UBG_Killer Consolation Winner: GennaLee Runner Up: Macunaima   Matterhorn: Dec 2019  Winner: GloryDays   152   Runner Up: EU_AT_Wolfman   141   Third: Flace   136   Fourth: UBG_Killer   132     Saturday Night Gammon: Dec 2019  Playoffs Winner: sturner Runner Up: Mrfunnybunny Third: Lulu2   Beat The PROs: Sep 2019  Playoffs Winner: PRO_sturner Runner Up: Mrfunnybunny   Drizzle's LOC: Dec 2019  Playoffs Winner: stroggs Runner Up: OMID   Warp 10: Oct 2019  Playoffs Winner: GloryDays Runner Up: SteamSax Third: jjjjone   Esprit Teams: Apr 2019  Stage II Winner: The Jokers Runner Up: PROs4Neal 1 Third: Magnum Force Consolation Winner: Fantastic Five Runner Up: Risky Business   Excalibur: Jan 2019  Winner: Mrfunnybunny Runner Up: GloryDays Nov 2015  1-Loss Winner: Burnieboy   Strike Three: Nov 2018  Winner: LarryG   70   Runner Up: Higgy_1216   59     Last Man Standing: Apr 2018  Winner: The Jokers Runner Up: Eastern Stars

Gnu output To submit a match to be Gnu linked, email the Gnu gal and attach the dicelog.
In the subject line put the player names as player1_player2_Galaxy

First RoundSecond RoundThird RoundFourth RoundSweet SixteenQuarter FinalSemi FinalFinal
7 Pts 7 Pts 7 Pts 7 Pts 7 Pts 7 Pts 7 Pts 9 Pts
bye (WB)cindybel (WB)cindybelDBS_NewtonsskratCazlanderskratskrat
bye (WB)byeskratskratGloryDaysskratleibo52Kanaya
byeskratGloryDaysPRO_BlueyewomanSkeeves_RevengeSkeeves_RevengeKanaya (FW) 
PRO_RUMBLE (WB)PRO_RUMBLEGennaLeeleibo52Keytagalleibo52thejman 
bye (WB)GloryDays (WB)Keytagal (FW)TonyHFasttitsNoDbles   
bye (WB)byeOgkushGloryDaysleibo52Kanaya   
GennaLee (WB)GennaLeeUBG_KillerKeytagalChunythejman   
bye (WB)Keytagal (WB)Darling_MavenEU_IT_kornak (FW)Burnieboy     
bye (WB)byeKanayaA_Kadayifstroggs     
Ogkush (WB)CaveiraRebelRebelcrashholly66thejman (FW)     
bye (WB)leibo52 (WB)andypalumbo1Chuny       
bye (WB)byestroggsRebelRebel       
Diceleb (WB)UBG_KillerA_KadayifPRO_Steve       
bye (WB)Darling_Maven (WB)           
bye (WB)bye           
bye (WB)Kanaya (WB)           
bye (WB)bye           
bye (WB)PRO_Flace (WB)           
bye (WB)bye           
andypalumbo1 (WB)sturner           
bye (WB)stroggs (WB)           
bye (WB)bye           
A_Kadayif (WB)BRs_Luiz_RS           
bye (WB)Sasha (WB)           
bye (WB)bye           

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