March: points winner sturner  461     Year to March : points winner sturner  1098     Quantum Leap: Mar 2021  Winner: _funnybunnygrl_ Runner Up: jdg_   Galaxy: Feb 2021  Winner: Kanaya Runner Up: Mrfunnybunny Consolation Winner: Gladiat0r Runner Up: Burnieboy   Matterhorn: Dec 2020  Winner: V_TZANETIS   164   Runner Up: jjjjone   135   Third: victorzf   135   Fourth: stroggs   132     Saturday Night Gammon: Feb 2021  Playoffs Winner: stroggs Runner Up: cindybel Third: EU_AT_Wolfman   Drizzle's LOC: Feb 2021  Playoffs Winner: pencentric_exec Runner Up: Cazlander   Patriot Games: Aug 2020  Winner: _funnybunnygrl_ Runner Up: stroggs Jul 2020  Consolation Winner: Gladiat0r Runner Up: spetefire   Warp 10: Nov 2020  Playoffs Winner: sturner Runner Up: jdg_ Jan 2021  Third: Kanaya   Esprit Teams: Apr 2019  Stage II Winner: The Jokers Runner Up: PROs4Neal 1 Third: Magnum Force Consolation Winner: Fantastic Five Runner Up: Risky Business   Excalibur: Dec 2019  Winner: skrat Runner Up: GloryDays 1-Loss Winner: Mrfunnybunny   Last Man Standing: Apr 2019  Winner: Fantastic Five Runner Up: PROs4Neal 3

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In the subject line put the player names as player1_player2_Patriot

First Round Second Round Sweet Sixteen Quarter Final Semi Final Final
11 Pts 13 Pts 3x9 Pts 17 Pts 19 Pts 3x11 Pts
PRO_Jaguar Kanaya        
bye BAA_LadySally        
BAA_LadySally (WB)   Kanaya      
Fools_Gold (WB)   Fools_Gold      
bye Fools_Gold        
Serial_Killer Serial_Killer        
Caveira     Kanaya    
bye     BRs_Luiz_RS    
Genda (WB) Genda        
Cazlander BRs_Luiz_RS        
BRs_Luiz_RS   BRs_Luiz_RS      
bye   LAT_pipo1      
LAT_pipo1 (WB) LAT_pipo1        
GennaLee (WB) GennaLee        
bye       Kanaya  
stroggs       stroggs  
leibo52 stroggs        
bye PRO_Blueyewoman        
PRO_Blueyewoman (WB)   stroggs      
pencentric_exec (WB)   EU_IT_abdon50      
bye pencentric_exec        
EU_IT_abdon50 EU_IT_abdon50        
Burnieboy     stroggs    
bye     Sasha    
Sasha (WB) Sasha        
baa_gammonqueen baa_gammonqueen        
MindPrey1   Sasha      
bye   PRO_swandog110      
Diceleb (WB) Diceleb        
PRO_swandog110 (WB) PRO_swandog110        
bye         Kanaya
Skeeves_Revenge         sturner
bye EU_BG_Sandocan        
EU_BG_Sandocan (WB)   EU_BG_Sandocan      
sturner (WB)   sturner      
bye sturner        
PRO_Steve PRO_Steve        
chaffey     sturner    
bye     cindybel    
eu_it_fabry74 (WB) eu_it_fabry74        
_funnybunnygrl_ _funnybunnygrl_        
Lulu2   _funnybunnygrl_      
bye   cindybel      
brspunky (WB) brspunky        
cindybel (WB) cindybel        
bye       sturner  
jschothorst       jschothorst  
Nes_G jschothorst        
bye EU_IT_Eugenio        
EU_IT_Eugenio (WB)   jschothorst      
PRO_VBL (WB)   EU_AT_Wolfman      
bye PRO_VBL        
King_Newtons EU_AT_Wolfman        
EU_AT_Wolfman (FW)     jschothorst    
OMID (WB)     Milman125    
bye OMID        
benjij Mrfunnybunny        
Mrfunnybunny   OMID      
bye   Milman125      
GennaLee (WB) GennaLee        
Milman125 (WB) Milman125        

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