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Guest Players Web-based Rules Warp Gammon Points
Format The Last Man Standing is an open double elimination teams event based upon the Four Horsemen event that was popular back in the days of the Zone. Teams consist of two to a maximum of five playing members including a captain. Captains may optionally sideline one or more members in each round. There are no 'substitute' players for this event. Where a player must withdraw for unforeseen circumstances the team must continue with a reduced cohort.

The aim is to defeat all playing members of the opposing team. Where there are five playing members in a team it is defeated when it has suffered 4 losses. Players may play their opponents in any order and not all active members of a winning team need to play in each round. However they must be AVAILABLE to play unless their captain has sidelined them for that round.

When a player loses a match, he is eliminated for the remainder of that round. Once four or all (if there are less than four) players of a team have been eliminated the team has lost the round.

Where one or both teams have 5 playing members and both teams have suffered 3 losses,then the team captains will nominate who will play the deciding match.

The losing team in the Main bracket enters the one-loss bracket. Losers in the one-loss bracket are eliminated from the competition.

The winning team in the main bracket plays the winning team in the one-loss bracket. The winning team in the main bracket will have 2 extra lives which will be bestowed upon the 2 players of their choosing. When the dust finally settles, the last man standing can claim victory for his team.

Entry Teams will be signed up by the captain of the team from the signup link on MyPage. All team members must have existing Warp player names for successful signup. The team captain can edit the playing team until the start of the tournament. Individual players must confirm their entry by using the 'Confirm' link on MyPage.

If an undefeated player,due to extenuating circumstances, is unable to complete a round then a loss is recorded against the team for that round.

Teams with less than 5 members may add an extra player after the start of play up until the end of the second round. Please contact the host to arrange a late signup. Late signups can play in the next available round. Similarly, players who have not played a match in the first 2 rounds may be replaced.

Teams that wish to add an administrative non-playing captain external to the line-up please contact the host.

Match Play Matches may be played in any order, except where a match has been started but not completed. In this case, the match must be completed before other matches are played by the two players involved, except in the case where one player is the last man standing for his team.
Team Logos Captains may email the webmaster and include the team logo as an attachment. Logos may be any size but will be displayed as 100 x 150 pixels
Round Lengths Rounds will be 12 days in length but may be optionally increased by the host if circumstances require it. Teams should make every effort to complete matches in the ten days or risk a forfeit loss. Rounds will not be extended simply because teams have not made an effort to schedule and play matches.
Notification of results All members of both teams will receive immediate notification of any results for their teams.
Match Lengths All matches will be 11pts except in the final where matches will be 13 pts.
Playing sites All players should be able to play on either Safe Harbor Games or Grid Gammon. It is expected that most players will hook up via MSN messenger or in the playing lobbies and arrange a playing venue from there. This should be formalised with a scheduling email which notifies the host of the arranged time. Players should fill out their available times in the time grid in their profile so that opponents can easily arrange a playing time if they are not in the same time zone.
General Web-based Tournament Rules All rules pertaining to conduct of web-based tournaments will be as provided in the Warp Gammon Web-based Tournament rules.  Players should pay particular attention to policies regarding scheduling.  Players who do not make a sufficient effort to schedule and play matches risk disqualification and suspension.

While it is anticipated that most matches will be played without formal scheduling by players meeting online and after the first few days, team captains are responsible for ensuring that their players schedule matches that have not been played.

Please read now this additional information on what is expected of players in scheduling at this link: scheduling standards.

Tournament Host The host of Last Man Standing is cindybel.

In the event of imperfections in tournament procedure (such as forfeits, withdrawals, inadequate time to play tiebreakers, frozen matches, etc.) the host may take such steps as are necessary to preserve the competitive integrity of the tournament.

In the event of a dispute of any ruling, the decision will be referred to an impartial person or committee whose objectivity is agreed to by all concerned parties.

Forfeits Forfeits will be determined based on scheduling emails. If your opponent does not show at the scheduled time please include this information in your next scheduling email. Scheduling emails sent later than 2 days before the end of the round will not be considered unless a prior email has been sent to that opponent.
Warp Gammon points

Match points: 5 points in the qualifying rounds.
7 points in the final

Team Points: 3 points for each playing member of the winning team in each round

Gold points: 20 points for each member of the winning team 10 points for each member of the runner up team To qualify for gold points team members must have played at least 20% of the total matches played by his team for a 4-man team and 15% of the total matches played by his team for a 5-man team.

Host Authority The tournament host has full authority to resolve all disputes.  If the host is not immediately available, you may contact any Warp Gammon host to report the problem.

The tournament host may, where a situation presents itself, modify or depart from the published rules to resolve situations that may compromise the integrity of the event. This will occur only in the cases of unanticipated situations, peculiarities pertaining to internet backgammon play, or where a variation would be manifestly fairer to a large number of players.

Where a decision involves the tournament host, or a decision by the host be challenged, it may, should the interested parties prefer, be resolved by a third party agreeable to all concerned.

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