January: points winner Denby Pettitt  81     Year to January : points winner Denby Pettitt  81     Kakadu: Feb 2024  Winner: Shane McNally Runner Up: Joseph Heled   Freycinet: Jan 2024  Winner: Kevin Jessup Runner Up: Joseph Heled   Whanganui: Nov 2023  Winner: Denby Pettitt   84   Runner Up: James Noble   74   Third: Hasan Ozseyhan   73   Fourth: Samin Farzaneh   67  

Pending Matches Table

This table gives you all the information you need about the matches you are to play.

From this table you can also:

In addition, if you have chosen Easy Scheduling there are considerable benefits: The server and your opponent's nic on that server, and time and day will be displayed.

Match Status

  • green background tells you that the match details have been confirmed by both players.
  • orange background alerts you that the match is to be played in the next 24 hours.
  • red background alerts you that the match date has expired and should be rescheduled.

If you schedule simply by using the comments box your email is still stored on the server and can be viewed from MyPage.

Scheduling history

  • Place your mouse over the Status square to get a quick view of the last email.
  • The complete list of emails associated with this match may be viewed by clicking on the status square.
  • Blue font tells you that the last email came from your opponent.

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