February: points winner Kevin Jessup  110     Year to February : points winner Kevin Jessup  995     Kakadu: Feb 2023  Winner: Cindy Belonogoff Runner Up: Melinda Kelf   Freycinet: Winner: Kevin Jessup Runner Up: Melinda Kelf

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Editing your ProfileAdding and changing details in your profile
Personal details Changing and adding playing names and nics and other personal details.
Playing Servers Changing and adding details of the servers you play on.
Scheduling times Entering or altering scheduling times, time zones and other scheduling details.
Overview An overview of MyPage
Signups Signing up for an event
Pending Matches How your coming matches are displayed in the Pending Matches table.
Scheduling a match Using the scheduling form to arrange a time and place to play.
Reporting a match Reporting a match that you have won.
Reporting a No Show What to do if your opponent doesn't show up for a confirmed match.