May: points winner Kevin Jessup  87     Year to May : points winner Joseph Heled  481     Kakadu: May 2024  Winner: Kevin Jessup Runner Up: Denby Pettitt   Freycinet: Apr 2024  Winner: Denby Pettitt Runner Up: Joseph Heled   Whanganui: Mar 2024  Winner: David McAllister   92   Runner Up: James Noble   84   Third: Craig Fairbanks   73   Fourth: Sam Siave   73  

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Forfeit Points

Players who consistently fail to schedule and play their matches will be subject to temporary suspensions in the continuously running events.
An explanation of how forfeits will be applied is given here.

ANZBGF Online   Warp Point Awards

Points are awarded as follows:

Green points are awarded for a match win relative to the match length.
Gold points(bonus) are awarded for place winners in events.

Masterpoint Warp Ratings:

Your Masterpoint ranking is composed of High Rating, Green points (match wins) and Gold points(event placings). To achieve higher level rankings
you need to have accumulated a minimum number of Red and Gold points and achieved a high rating at least once of the minimum set for the ranking.

The following table gives the high ranking and the minimum number of gold points required to achieve each masterpoint rank.

RankHigh RatingGreenGold
Unranked0 0 0
Graduate Master1500 500 100
National Master1550 1000 200
Life Master1600 1500 350
Bronze Lifemaster1640 2000 500
Silver Lifemaster1680 3000 700
Gold Lifemaster1720 4000 1000
Grandmaster1760 6000 1500
Silver Grandmaster1780 10000 2500
Gold Grandmaster1800 15000 3700
Emerald Grandmaster1820 20000 5000
Diamond Grandmaster1850 25000 7000

Tournament Points Awards:


Division  1st   2nd 
Acca Dacca 50 30
Cold Chisel 30 20
DMAs 20 15
The Divynyls 15 10
The Wiggles 10 7


Division  1st   2nd 
Main 50 30
1-Loss 20


Division  1st   2nd   3rd   4th 
Main 50 30 20 10