February: points winner sturner  315     Year to February : points winner Mrfunnybunny  742     Quantum Leap: Feb 2023  Winner: Kanaya Runner Up: Mrfunnybunny   Galaxy: Winner: jjjjone Runner Up: Fasttits Dec 2022  Consolation Winner: GloryDays Runner Up: TonyH   Matterhorn: Nov 2022  Winner: LESTER   161   Runner Up: Mrfunnybunny   137   Third: LAT_pipo1   137   Fourth: Lulu2   134     Saturday Night Gammon: Feb 2023  Playoffs Winner: Jackson31 Runner Up: Mrfunnybunny Third: jjjjone   Drizzle's LOC: Jan 2023  Playoffs Winner: pencentric_exec Runner Up: jjjjone   Patriot Games: Winner: cindybel Runner Up: Lulu2 Dec 2022  Consolation Winner: Jackson31 Runner Up: sturner   Warp 10: Nov 2022  Playoffs Winner: Mrfunnybunny Runner Up: sturner Third: jjjjone   Esprit Teams: Mar 2021  Stage II Winner: Risky Business Runner Up: Fantastic Five Third: The Jokers Consolation Winner: Dice Busters Runner Up: Dice Infinity   Excalibur: Nov 2021  Winner: jdg_ Runner Up: Mrfunnybunny 1-Loss Winner: skrat   Last Man Standing: April 2022  Winner: Risky Business Runner Up: The Jokers


Drizzle's LOC is dedicated to Lois Bell, known to all as Drizzle. Lois hosted Progressive tournaments on the Zone for many years and continued this with the online League of Champions. Sadly, Lois passed away in February 2014 after several health crises. She is survived by her husband Bob.

It was Lois's wish that the tournament that she devoted so much time and energy to should continue if she was unable to do so. We intend to do just that in memory of a truly lovely person who had earned the respect of all who knew her.

Please be sure to review and understand the LOC rules. You may play your matches on your server of choice as long as your opponent agrees. If you cannot agree; your LOC administrator will help you locate an agreeable place to play.

Jan 2023


Runner Up

Previous Winners

Event Winner Runner Up
Jan 2023 pencentric_exec jjjjone
Dec 2022 Seqkat Skeeves_Revenge
Nov 2022 Fasttits GennaLee
Oct 2022 stroggs leibo52
Sep 2022 chamaivan jjjjone
Aug 2022 Flace stroggs
Jul 2022 Kanaya LAT_pipo1
Jun 2022 Kanaya GennaLee
May 2022 sturner Flace
Apr 2022 Mrfunnybunny sturner
Mar 2022 Mrfunnybunny chamaivan
Feb 2022 Flace OMID
Jan 2022 Mrfunnybunny pencentric_exec
Dec 2021 Burnieboy GennaLee
Nov 2021 Gladiat0r sturner
Oct 2021 _funnybunnygrl_ GennaLee
Sep 2021 jjjjone sturner
Jul 2021 spetefire chamaivan
Aug 2021 jjjjone PRO_swandog110
Jun 2021 pencentric_exec Flace
May 2021 EU_AT_Wolfman Mrfunnybunny
Apr 2021 Mrfunnybunny stroggs