April: points winner Joseph Heled  175     Year to April : points winner Joseph Heled  452     Kakadu: Apr 2024  Winner: Joseph Heled Runner Up: Kevin Jessup   Freycinet: Mar 2024  Winner: Shane McNally Runner Up: Joseph Heled   Whanganui: Jan 2024  Winner: Joseph Heled   86   Runner Up: Cindy Belonogoff   78   Third: Craig Fairbanks   76   Fourth: Greg Ash   74  


The ANZBGF Whanganui is a bi-monthly 6-round Swiss format event. Match lengths are 11 points and scores are based upon the loser's match score. A players score for a match is based on the loser's match score. The loser receives his match score while the winner receives 30 - loser's score. In the second and subsequent rounds players are ranked by the cumulative scores with the top scoring players paired together and so on down the line to the lowest scoring players. No player will play the same opponent twice in the same tournament.

For the first 4 rounds, when a match has not been played by the deadline a forfeit score of up to 20 points will be awarded each player, dependent on the scheduling efforts of each player. Matches scheduled late will not receive the maximum award.

In the final 3 rounds a maximum forfeit score will be awarded of up to 20 points or the player's average score in the first 5 rounds, whichever is the greater.

Forfeited matches may be played during the following round for the first 4 rounds, in which case the match score will replace the forfeit scores. Players who need an extension for the final 3 rounds must contact the host.

Jan 2024

Joseph Heled

Runner Up
Cindy Belonogoff

Craig Fairbanks

Greg Ash

Latest Winners

Event Winner Runner Up Third Fourth
Jan 2024 Joseph Heled 86 Cindy Belonogoff 78 Craig Fairbanks 76 Greg Ash 74
Nov 2023 Denby Pettitt 84 James Noble 74 Hasan Ozseyhan 73 Samin Farzaneh 67
Sep 2023 Kevin Jessup 96 Joseph Heled 72 Peter Kalyvas 71 Craig Fairbanks 71
Jul 2023 Peter Kalyvas 89 Breck McCormack 78 James Noble 73 Joseph Heled 73