February: points winner Kevin Jessup  110     Year to February : points winner Kevin Jessup  995     Kakadu: Feb 2023  Winner: Cindy Belonogoff Runner Up: Melinda Kelf   Freycinet: Winner: Kevin Jessup Runner Up: Melinda Kelf

Nicknames and playing Venues

In this section you can add details of the venues you play on and the nics you use on those venues.

Adding a new venue

To add a new venue select from the drop down list and then give the playing nics
that you play under on that venue. These details are used in scheduling so that your opponent
knows what nic to look for when playing you on that venue. Click the Add button
to add to the list.

Deleting a venue

Simply click the Delete button at the end of the line
to remove from the list.

Changing the order of display

Click the Up or Down buttons to change the order of priority.
Servers are listed to your opponent in this order indicating your order of preference.

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